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Detail Services | Kyle Location | Mon-Sat 8:00 aM to 5:00 pM

* Additional fee for larger vehicles and excessive amounts of dirt and pet hair.


All our professional detailers are certified by the International Detailing Association

Synthetic Hand Wax - $60

Our premium synthetic wax provides long-lasting protection for your paint's finish, amplified reflectivity, and a brilliant shine. Includes tire dressing and detailed wheel cleaning. Benefits last up to 6 months.

Express Hand Wax - $39.99

  • Our express hand wax formula enhances shine and protects your vehicle's paint finish for up to 60 days. Service includes tire dressing and detailed wheel cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning - $39.99

  • Our professional shampoo and steam cleaning process removes stains and odors, restoring a fresh new car look and feel. *Prices may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Interior Super Clean (Doors/Dash/Console) - $39.99

  • Includes vacuuming and applying conditioner to doors, dash, and console. Service also includes the use of compressed air infused with bactericide to blast dirt and debris from vents, crevices, and other hard to reach areas while concurrently disinfecting and deodorizing your vehicle's interior. *Additional fee for larger vehicles and vehicles with excessive debris and/or pet hair.

Upholstery Cleaning - $39.99

  • Cloth seats are steam cleaned with color-safe detergent to remove stains, bacteria, and odor. Leather and vinyl seats are cleaned and treated with a conditioner/protectant to restore and maintain optimal texture while nourishing and strengthening to prevent cracking. *Additional fee for larger vehicles and excessive dirt and pet hair.

Ozone Oxidation Odor Removal - $39.99

  • Ozone molecules are introduced to pollutants, promoting oxidation. Odors are completely eliminated, not just disguised with fragrance.

Headlight Restoration - $35.00 per headlight

  • Oxidation is removed from the outer layer of headlights, restoring clarity and improving safety. The process involves cleaning (oxidation removal), polishing the new surface, and applying protectant for long-lasting shine and durability.