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Google Review

Review form about a month ago… This is the car wash facility for you!!! We are new to the area, coming from a small town elsewhere with limited options. I’ve traveled to many areas for my past job and can’t say that I’ve ever remembered or wanted to go back to any specific automated car wash…they were fairly average leaving me questioning why I toss my money at them. Living here now and after searching, I chose this place because of the price options to be honest as everything is a more expensive here in many areas. After the first wash of my truck I was honestly very impressed when I parked at the vacuums and looked it over. FREE real towels to use for inside or out…I haven’t seen free towels in at lest 10 years. Now on to the vacuums…BEST I’ve ever encountered!! This experience drove me to purchase a monthly wash club. The lady whom helped me was very friendly and personable. I was soon on my way and later purchased a wash club ticket for my wife’s car when I had the same experience from a personable gentleman at that time. My assumption was that he was the owner or manager. Apologies, as I’ve forgotten their names. What is important to me is that the staff working here care about their job and the facility/equipment. Thank you to you all! To the management: YOU are doing it right!!…that is obvious by my experience and a few of the other reviews I read before writing this one. I hope you all stay safe and cool, and keep up the good work!!