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Google Review

I’ve been using water works monthly membership since they opened and I’ve been absolutely blown away by the care and quality at such an affordable price! The staff is always extremely friendly and everyone does a great job on the prewash scrub (shout out to Devan and the Sunday morning crew!). The wash itself is super quick yet surprisingly thorough, I’ve never needed to go back through twice even when my truck is a muddy mess! The staff has also been amazing about turning off the top scrubber when I go through so it doesn’t damage the light bar on my roof, I’ve never even had to remind them even once! After the wash you can use the vacuums and air hose (great for getting out the pet hair) free of charge along with complimentary towels and car scents! Here in New Braunfels we have PLENTY of car wash options but water works is going above and beyond to make sure they’re the best!!